Considering English is my second language, which I learned consciously as a young adult, it sometimes affords me an opportunity think about commonly used words differently, “bare bones”, stripped of layers of differences they acquired over time based on the context they’ve been used in. So, even though I know better, the other day, it occurred to me, discrimination and exclusivity basically mean the same thing.

One comes from the verb “to exclude” – prevent from being considered or accepted, create barrier or prevent from entry.

The verb for for other one is “to discriminate” – to make a distinction in favor of or against someone or something based on real or perceived difference.

Yet the effect these two close words have on our emotions is entirely different;

One word can send our mind wandering, dreaming of a spacious white sandy beach somewhere in Bora Bora. It can give us incentives to line up in front of the store for hours to be the very first owner of that new iPhone, or makes us willingly part with an extra-orbital amount of money for that brand name simple white shirt. All in the search for that elusive feeling of exclusivity, as long as we personally happen to be inside that special cozy circle, keeping the rest of the world outside.

The latter creates a sense of injustice, rage and emotional injury. The glass ceiling, racism, nepotism, chauvinism, agism, sexism, fatism, ableism and the list goes on. All of these words have a strong potential to set off a powerful emotional response. The chat rooms around the internet are there to prove it.

The antonym to both of these words is basically the same – to include, to accept.

How does this relate to marketing your business; It shows that framing, context and the choice of the right words (even if they have the same meaning) matter. The angle you present your product, service or investment opportunity may seem a trivial element. These small differences in the choice of words, creative design and imagery are all part of the communication processes and have a very strong impact on your bottom line.

This applies even to businesses who believe they compete for their customers on price alone. The matter of fact is, you never compete solely on price and never will. For a transaction to take place, there always have to be a form of emotional engagement, regardless if you are selling directly to clients or to another business.

Positioning yourself well and representing yourself consistently with a set of coherent symbols (relevant logos, colours, design elements, tone of voice) unique to you can really strengthen your position in the market place.

Oblique Technique develops communication solutions that are strategically sound and are fitted for your business in particular. Be it a strong website, relevant logo, attractive packaging, impactful brochures, eye catching photography; the right communications can dignify and elevate the experience of purchases giving you easier access to your customers — the life-blood of your business.

If you would like to discuss ways Oblique Technique can help with your communications and therefore sales, we would be happy to be of service.

On behalf of the team at Oblique Technique,

Lubica Parilakova, Principal

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Project Details

A seasoned karate master, Ioanna Koutava, the owner of the new Purple Dragon Point Grey, the school of martial arts hired Oblique Technique to build a website and advise her on the social media strategy well in advance of opening her new dojo’s doors. She leveraged the power of her already existing social media network and created anticipation before we went live with the website. Purple Dragon’s website is disciplined yet playful, sober in design and easy to navigate. We chose to make it almost monochromatic and purple accentuated – carefully and sparingly with other colours to give it a sense of playfulness. Given that pictures tell the story better than a hundred words, it was important that dominant photographs illustrate almost every page.


Columbus AR_mockup_A4_front

Project Details

In a creative collaboration with Jorge Martinez, the Corporate Development Manager of Columbus Gold, we chose simple, but powerful image of a ruffled up wave for the cover. The image, inspired by the name of the company, evokes the essence of  a determined spirit and zestful adventures ahead. It feels more like a cover of an exciting adventure novel. The inside covers are outfitted to compliment the idea, giving investors feeling like they are part of something bigger, bringing them on board of the ship, so to speak, as they study the important details of the company’s financials with ease.



Project Details

Oblique Technique was commissioned to brand Magna Resources and deliver a variety of materials with a refreshing look in the potash mining industry. Included in the project was designing a logo, website, press release template, PowerPoint presentation, business cards, and letterhead. We developed the brand around the growth benefits that potash has on soil which became our focus and inspiration.The website is responsive to fit smart phones and tablet devices to deliver content in a simple and clear method to engage the investment community.



Our human world is constructed and held together by symbols.

Symbols represent collectively agreed upon systems of meaning, helping us communicate, identify with people, and express our real or desired emotions.

The ability to create, agree on, and decode symbols is what has elevated us above our animal nature. As such we evolved from Cro-Magnon cave paintings, to religious icons, and now logos of companies and products we choose to worship and buy today.

The holiday season is particularly rich in symbolic nature. Layered over time, the symbols of Christmas evoke deeply engraved nostalgia and a longing to be with our loved ones.

Christmas carols fill the air, trees are decorated, candles are lit, and the familiar smells of holiday food tickles our senses with no-one immune to its magic.

For many people of Western culture, Christmas is still the most important holiday of the year, not because the 25th of December is particularly different from any other day, but because of the meaning we collectively agreed to give it.

Despite its ever rising commercial nature, we still cherish this time of the year as a secret time that celebrates the cohesion of a family, the act of giving and love we share for one other. Without these symbols, our lives just wouldn’t be the same.

But symbols are not here only to remind us of the age old traditions.

You and your business are not exempt from the way the human mind works and constructs meaning.

Your logo, your website, the colour and images you choose all become important visual anchors of meaning and story that your company represents.

Even if you choose to ignore it, the way you represent your company through its symbols is a very important part of your business’s success and is worth paying close attention to.

What meanings are you creating through your symbols. Are they noticeable? Are they relevant and inspiring, or are they tired and complacent?

Perhaps this holiday season you could take time to reflect on the symbols you are using, how you are using them and what could be improved to elevate your business to the expression of it’s full potential.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts and share ideas.

With the warmest holiday wishes,

— Lubica


Do you want to attract attention of the investment community?
Do you want to inspire confidence in your investment idea?
Do you want to increase your market recognition?

If you are involved in managing a public company, the answer will be undoubtedly “yes”.

So, how to go about achieving this objective?

At the beginning there is you and your story.

You may believe in it wholeheartedly, but how can you convince others to part with their dollars in exchange for a piece of the action? Why should they invest in your company rather than any other of the numerous ones listed on stock exchanges around the world? And how will they even notice you in the first place?

Our advice is simple. Be confident and be yourself. But don’t be just an ordinary self, be the best self you can be.

Oblique Technique will assist you in developing the right kind of integrated communication strategy that will help your public company stand out. Our Integrated Communication Design is like a tailor made suit; it feels good, because it fits well, it looks good and builds favorable perceptions as soon as you enter the room.

The cornerstone of every good integrated communication strategy is a website.

Oblique Technique develops websites that turn strangers into fans and fans into investors.

Our websites are;

Smart and engaging for investors, keeping them inspired and eager to follow your story

Original and attractive in design

Integrated with state of art newsletters for user friendly news distribution and data collection

Easy to navigate

Built on the platforms with the latest technology

Developed to support the best practices in IR

Utilizing easy to use content management system for timely updates

Continuously records information disclosed on your website at any given time

Integrated with stock updates widgets and various dynamic news content and social media modules for enhanced exposure and SEO

Enhanced with detailed and robust site analytics to keep track of your success

If you would like to learn more about the ways we can support your investment story, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be glad to hear from you.

On behalf of Oblique Technique’s team,

— Lubica

inspire buying

It goes without saying that the lifeblood of every successful business is healthy sales. If you can’t sell your product or service, you won’t be in business for too long, even if you are the best at what you do. An act of sale, an important transaction where values are exchanged for the benefit of both parties, is key to a functioning market economy.

However, we also know that selling is not easy. Facing a sudden wave of resistance and a slight taste of disgust when attacked by an obvious sales pitch is not an uncommon experience.

We love to buy but hate being sold to. An act of buying is a choice made freely and therefore reinforces our sense of freedom. Whereas an act of sale persuades us and limits our freedom.

What does this mean for your business? How can you differentiate yourself enough to get noticed, attract and inspire?

It all starts at the heart. The most interesting thing about you is, well…you. If you can find that authentic essence that defines you, no matter what industry you are in and what product you are selling, you made the first step towards success. The next task is to translate that essence into a visual representation creating unique, relevant symbols and messaging systems. Now you are ready to create a consistent marketing toolbox. Your reputation will soon start forming and you will be able to say you have a brand, the most valuable asset a business can build.

Oblique Technique is in the business of creating design strategies that help to elevate the experience of sales and gives you easier access to your customers, the lifeblood of your business.

If you are ready to discuss how we can help activate your brand, email me or give me a call I would be glad to take you out for a coffee or a cup of tea.



Project Details

We designed a Fact Sheet for Slater Mining that utilized their existing brand elements and organized the details of Slater’s projects, highlights and corporate information. All of our fact sheets are formatted for both high res print and fast viewing web versions.



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