Private Companies

Activate Your Private Company Now

You have a dream to build a solid and very profitable business. You have painstakingly developed an exceptional product, great service and an immaculately written business plan. You might be the best chef and your dishes are to die for. You may be a genius who just developed a cutting edge technology that could improve the lives of many. You have a retail store that people seem to be just passing by, failing to notice. If only they cared how great your product, service, technology and passion is as much as you!

So, why don’t they? Shouldn’t they believe in you the same as your mother does?

Here is how we think; There is already enough information competing for their attention every second of the day already, enough restaurants, enough gadgets, enough products and services of all kinds. It’s not their problem to connect with you. It is YOUR job to find the way to connect and get your message across so it feels relevant and noticeable. Also, you need to be consistent, so they recognize you every time we happen to come in contact with you. And you better be unique and authentic, or else you just disappear in a dark matter of mediocrity within seconds.

How can we help?

Oblique Technique will help you develop an Integrated Communication Strategy that will inspire trust in your business, create the right kind of engagement and motivate people to do business with you.


Activate Private Companies Building An Integrated & Strategic Communication Design

STEP ONE – Observe and Learn

Understand your clients
Understand yourself, your business and your competition
Find a relevant and authentic way to connect
Codify what you have learned and make it your principles

STEP TWO – Think and Develop

Develop meaningful and easily recognizable symbol system based on the principles you codified
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Key Messages
  • Visual Language

STEP THREE – Build and Go

Design and Build Integrated Communication Tools based on your unique symbol system
  • Business Cards
  • Letterheads
  • Website
  • Content
  • Brochures
  • Advertising
  • Presentations
  • Banners
  • And more

STEP FOUR – Commit and Sell

Keep going and keep consistent. It will take time and effort to build the recognition and the sales you desire, but at the end, it will be worth it. Now you have the right tools to help you reach your goals.
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