Our human world is constructed and held together by symbols.

Symbols represent collectively agreed upon systems of meaning, helping us communicate, identify with people, and express our real or desired emotions.

The ability to create, agree on, and decode symbols is what has elevated us above our animal nature. As such we evolved from Cro-Magnon cave paintings, to religious icons, and now logos of companies and products we choose to worship and buy today.

The holiday season is particularly rich in symbolic nature. Layered over time, the symbols of Christmas evoke deeply engraved nostalgia and a longing to be with our loved ones.

Christmas carols fill the air, trees are decorated, candles are lit, and the familiar smells of holiday food tickles our senses with no-one immune to its magic.

For many people of Western culture, Christmas is still the most important holiday of the year, not because the 25th of December is particularly different from any other day, but because of the meaning we collectively agreed to give it.

Despite its ever rising commercial nature, we still cherish this time of the year as a secret time that celebrates the cohesion of a family, the act of giving and love we share for one other. Without these symbols, our lives just wouldn’t be the same.

But symbols are not here only to remind us of the age old traditions.

You and your business are not exempt from the way the human mind works and constructs meaning.

Your logo, your website, the colour and images you choose all become important visual anchors of meaning and story that your company represents.

Even if you choose to ignore it, the way you represent your company through its symbols is a very important part of your business’s success and is worth paying close attention to.

What meanings are you creating through your symbols. Are they noticeable? Are they relevant and inspiring, or are they tired and complacent?

Perhaps this holiday season you could take time to reflect on the symbols you are using, how you are using them and what could be improved to elevate your business to the expression of it’s full potential.

I would be glad to hear your thoughts and share ideas.

With the warmest holiday wishes,

— Lubica