Observe & Learn

Understand your clients, yourself, your business and your competition.


Align with a Cohesive Vision

Align your team with principles and move towards common goals.


Think & Develop

Develop meaningful and an easily recognizable system of symbols.


Communication Design

Design & Build Integrated Communication Tools based on your unique system of symbols.


Commit & Continue On Track

Be consistent. It takes time and effort to build recognition.


Examine & Forge Ahead

Continue with evaluating the system and its success by improving where opportunities get missed.

  • When it comes to content, framing, context and choosing the right words matter.

  • Project Details A seasoned karate master, Ioanna Koutava, the owner of the new Purple Dragon Point Grey, the school of martial arts hired Oblique Technique to build a website and advise her on the social media strategy well in advance of opening her new dojo’s doors. She leveraged the power of her already existing social [...]

  • Project Details In a creative collaboration with Jorge Martinez, the Corporate Development Manager of Columbus Gold, we chose simple, but powerful image of a ruffled up wave for the cover. The image, inspired by the name of the company, evokes the essence of  a determined spirit and zestful adventures ahead. It feels more like a [...]

  • Project Details Oblique Technique was commissioned to brand Magna Resources and deliver a variety of materials with a refreshing look in the potash mining industry. Included in the project was designing a logo, website, press release template, PowerPoint presentation, business cards, and letterhead. We developed the brand around the growth benefits that potash has on [...]

  • What meanings are you creating through your symbols. Are they noticeable? Are they relevant and inspiring, or are they tired and complacent?

  • Our advice is simple. Be confident and be yourself. But don’t be just an ordinary self, be the best self you can be.

  • How can you differentiate yourself enough to get noticed, attract and inspire?

  • Project Details We designed a Fact Sheet for Slater Mining that utilized their existing brand elements and organized the details of Slater’s projects, highlights and corporate information. All of our fact sheets are formatted for both high res print and fast viewing web versions. www.slatermining.com

  • Leverage your companies social media personality by following our guidance in keeping content relevant, engaging and informative.

  • Project Details We completed a full brand identity for Global Met Coal Corporation (GMZ). We chose to design a system of symbols including a logo, tagline, color palette and visual language. We included branded imagery based on horses that were indicative of strength and indigenous to GMZ’s mining project locations in Mongolia & Alabama. “The [...]

  • We develop brands based on proven steps for success that work towards a common goal.

  • At OB/Q we design communication specifically tailored for the client and your organization.